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Rotorua Sustainable Tourism Charter members are always implementing new and innovative sustainable business practices.  Check back here regularly to learn about the contributions Charter member businesses are making towards sustainability. Here you will also find general articles and commentary relating to sustainability and the Charter.

Sustainability and prosperity

Jun 5, 2012

Sustainability and prosperityThe Rotorua Sustainable Business Charter was established with a view to encourage as many Rotorua businesses as possible to adopt the sustainability ethic. It was therefore critical to gain support from Rotorua’s leading business support organisation, the Rotorua Chamber of Commerce. “Our role is to build a better business environment in Rotorua and supporting an organisation with a view to making Rotorua a sustainable destination falls squarely within our strategic goals” says chief executive Roger Gordon. The Chamber of Commerce pledged its support for the Charter and joined as a foundation member. Support activities include free promotional space in the Chamber of Commerce’s Business Rotorua Now magazine, inclusion of a Charter brochure in the chamber’s member packs, joint events with the Charter and other promotional activities.

As with any member of the Charter, the Chamber also went through a sustainability assessment process to identify sustainability opportunities that could be adopted by the organisation. “To be honest, although we were keen to ‘walk the talk’ as well as support the Charter, we weren’t sure how sustainability was relevant to us considering we’re a small organisation operating from limited office space” says Roger. This and other issues were discussed with the Charter Assessor, Eldad Collins, during the sustainability assessment process. “Ultimately the Chamber’s activities are similar to those of any consulting organisation which means similar sustainability issues such as vehicle use and printing activities” says Eldad. According to Roger the size of a business is irrelevant when considering sustainability; New Zealand’s economy is made up primarily of small to medium sized businesses so it’s important that each contributes proportionally. “We recommend businesses in Rotorua contact Eldad to discuss the Rotorua Sustainable Business Charter and the benefits of being part of this group”, says Roger.