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Rotorua Sustainable Tourism Charter members are always implementing new and innovative sustainable business practices.  Check back here regularly to learn about the contributions Charter member businesses are making towards sustainability. Here you will also find general articles and commentary relating to sustainability and the Charter.

Saving energy one kilowatt at a time

Jun 5, 2012

Saving energy one kilowatt at a timeAs a company which spends much of its time providing professional advice on energy management to commercial entities and local government it was a natural fit for Power Solutions Ltd (PSL) to become a foundation member of the Rotorua Sustainable Business Charter. Amongst other things PSL specialises in electrical design, energy management programmes, energy auditing, street lighting and commercial lighting design. “We’re a team of four operating from an office at The Business Hub and we thought we were doing as much as we could through active recycling, managing our energy use etc. Other ways of improving sustainability were not immediately obvious,” says the company director Kevin McGrath. However, one of the company’s key activities is travel with reasons for travel ranging from site inspections through client meetings to facilitating industry workshops. “While we try to limit travel activities as much as possible the reality is that travel, in particular vehicle travel, is critical to providing our services” says Kevin. This was discussed with Eldad Collins, the Charter’s Sustainability Assessor during the sustainability assessment process the company completed when joining the Charter. One option considered during this process was for PSL to start using Gull Force 10 in all its vehicles. Gull Force 10 is a 96 octane fuel available at all Gull stations which is made with ten percent biofuel. “By using this fuel PSL is not only reducing their carbon emissions from vehicle travel activities but are also supporting further development of biofuels. Supporting sustainable products like biofuels is a key catalyst for increasing availability of these products in the market” says Eldad. PSL works closely with Eldad and supports him in his role as the Charter’s sustainability assessor. “Sharing our expertise with Eldad is PSL’s way of contributing to the Charter’s success and we’re more than happy to do so. We’re proud to be a foundation member and keen to continue supporting the Charter and help achieve its long term goal of making Rotorua a sustainable destination,” says Kevin.